Creating a quote and activated it

The quote system can be used for bigger jobs to send estimation to a client but can be useful on a daily base, instead of ordering or invoicing, you can work with quotes. When you are ready you can transfer it and send it as an invoice to your client. You can add deliverables to your quote, which gives you the possibility to add multiple services and appointments.


The first step is to open Dashboard and click invoices Step 1 image


Click on  add Step 2 image


Select quotes Step 3 image


Search for your client Step 4 image


Then  Add Step 5 image


In the quotes dashboard, enter the information that will go on your quote Step 6 image


The product section will be for the services or products you will provide Step 7 image


When you are finished click on save

Step 8 image


You can verify your quote if you need to you just have to click  Display

Step 9 image


If not activate the quote

Step 10 image


You can change your quote if you need by clicking on create a revision

Step 11 image


When you are ready you can convert your quote into an invoice.

Step 12 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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