Adding a deliverable

Deliverables will be the content to be delivered in connection with an invoice or a quote made in advance. the deliverable content will bring you to a similar process than the order, however, you can skip the address and the appointment. You can add as many deliverables as you want to an invoice/quote. It allows you to link multiple appointment and content to an invoice/quote. 


The first step is to open Invoices Step 1 image


Click on option for the invoice you want to add a deliverable Step 2 image


Select add a deliverable Step 3 image


You can modify the client associated to the order, if not Click Next Step 4 image


Enter the address of the order. You can ignore the address if there is none Step 5 image


You can adjust the services information. Then click Next Step 6 image


You can add options if needed. Then click Next Step 7 image


You can enter the number of image, link or video you will need to deliver. Then click Next Step 8 image


Choose which date you want your appointment, or click on no appointment Step 9 image


Choose the time of the appointment  Step 10 image


When you are sure that you deliverable is fine, click on Confirm Step 11 image


That's it. Your order has been placed! Step 12 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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