Create an invoice

There are many ways to create an order for a customer, one of them is by creating an invoice. When you work with an invoice you will use the products that you add in your account, 

The difference between the services and products is simple, the services will be used for your online services, so your clients can order any of these. The products are for your internal management, only the provider can use it, and can only use it in invoices or quotes. For more specification click here

You can decide to work with invoices for many reasons, it gives you more freedom for changing, adding or removing an element in it. After activating your invoice you can decide to add a deliverable, which brings you to a similar process then the order. For more information on how to do it click here


The first step is to open  Invoices and Click on add

Step 1 image


Search for your client

Step 3 image


And Click Add

Step 4 image


Enter every information that you need. Such as General information.

Step 5 image


your products

Step 6 image


Your customer's informations

Step 7 image


When you are done click  Save

Step 8 image


You can  Display your invoice if you want

Step 9 image


If not click  Activate the invoice. * Once you activate your invoice you cannot modify anything on it. 

Step 10 image


Your invoice is activated. You can click display if you want to see it. You can click edit at any time if you need to modify your invoice. 

Step 11 image


That's it. Your invoice is created! 

Step 12 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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