Link client from Urbanimmersive to Tourbuzz

We will see in this tutorial how to link your UI Business solution client's account to a Tourbuzz client's account. The first step to do before trying to link your clients is to link yours

When you linked a client, there is some essential point to remember.
  • the link of the two accounts will have to be done manually, the reason here is; there could a duplicate of the customer in your account and we want you to be sure to link the right account with one another, 
  • The master account will be in the UI Business Solution, if you make some change in Tourbuzz it will not be replicated in the Business Solution. 
  • The photo account is not replicated in Ui Business solution, but with the exception of the landing page you will not need it in the Business Solution
  • To link an account to one another, you will need the client address. 
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