What is Permissions ?

Customers have the opportunity to manage the accessibility they want to give to the provider. The provider can have three types of authorization in the customer account;
  1. Read only; the supplier can only display the customer's profile and see his order list, but can not change anything, or charge anything.
  2. invoices; the provider can view but not edit the customer profile. He can see the order list, and create an order, invoice or subscription,
  3. Full access the provider can edit all the information in the customer's profile. He can create orders, invoices and subscriptions, add and / or modify credit cards.
If the provider adds a customer, it will have full access by default.

The first step is to select Clients Step 1 image


Displayed is overview of Permissions status Step 2 image


Select client menu Step 3 image


Select Display Step 4 image


Select Permissions Step 5 image


Select permissions that you wish to allow for this client.
- Read Only
- Invoice (to invoicing only)
- Full Access
Step 6 image


Select Confirm Step 7 image


Your client will receive email notification.

Step 8 image


Client will have the choice to accept or refuse the message- select Click here
A confirmation email will be sent to the provider.
Step 9 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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