What's your pricing?

There are no monthly fees involved for use of the Tourbuzz App. A Delivery (assets only, or full delivery including photos and visual marketing site/tour) uses credits and the fees break down like this:

Full Delivery

A full delivery includes a visual tour/marketing web site and download access for your client (photos, videos, panoramic images). Full deliveries cost 15 credits.

Assets Only Delivery

If you wish to deliver only photos, video, or panoramic images to your client, the cost for delivery is 3 credits.

YouTube Video Generation

The only fee in addition to Deliveries occurs if you wish to have a YouTube Video generated for a project. The fee for having a YouTube video generated is 3 credits for a branded video, 3 credits for an unbranded video, or 5 credits for both.


Each credit is worth $1.00. When you buy 150 credits and more you will get a 20% discount on your purchase reducing the price per credit from $1.00 to $0.80. If you wish to purchase credits in bulk.

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