What's your pricing?

There are no monthly fees involved for use of the Tourbuzz App. A Delivery (assets only, or full delivery including photos and visual marketing site/tour) uses credits and the fees break down like this:

Full Delivery

A full delivery includes a visual tour/marketing web site and download access for your client (photos, videos, panoramic images). Full deliveries cost 15 credits. If you pay as you go, the delivery has a cost of $15.
If you wish to purchase credits in bulk, you can do so starting at 150 credits, reducing the price per credit from $1.00 to $0.80, making the cost of a full delivery $12.

Assets Only Delivery

If you wish to deliver only photos, video, or panoramic images to your client, the cost for delivery is 3 credits, or $3 when paying as you go. When purchasing credits in bulk, assets only deliveries cost $2.40.

YouTube Video Generation

The only fee in addition to Deliveries occurs if you wish to have a YouTube Video generated for a project. The fee for having a YouTube video generated is $3 for a branded video, $3 for an unbranded video, or $5 for both.

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