Comment inviter votre client au panel de clients

When you publish your first tour for a customer, the Tourbuzz system will automatically invite your customer to access the client panel on your behalf. 

The invite doesn’t expire and will take the customer to an activate their account. The next email the customer will receive, which walks them through setting up a password, does expire which means they must create a password within 4 hours of receiving the link. 

Read on below to view both emails, or skip to the bottom and watch our tutorial video covering this process. 

Here is the first email:

Hello [name],

Please use the following link to activate your account:


Here is the second:

Hello [name]:

Your account is now ready!

Username: sampleusername

Password: Click here to pick your password.

This link will expire in 4 hours.

If you did not just visit our web site to set up your account, you can ignore this email. Your password has not been changed.


 Watch the video below to view the whole process:

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