How do I get help?


Please note that we use and make sure your email application does not block, or mark as SPAM, emails from this email address.

For the most efficient way to get help, we recommend logging in to your Tourbuzz account and making use of our Support Widget. You can get help with two simple steps:

Log in to your Tourbuzz account and click on the Support Widget to open it:

Search our extensive list of documentation to find answers to many of your questions:

If you're unable to find an answer to your question in our documentation, you can click on the Send a Message link, and then click Email to contact us for assistance: 

The benefit of using the Support Widget

By using the Support Widget to contact us we are able to gather some additional context, insights into what you were doing, what tour you were working in, etc, prior to your outreach. This added context can often help us help you much more quickly!

Additional benefit of using the Support Widget

Using the Support Widget not only provides a way to search and read relevant support documentation, and to contact us if you need assistance -- it also provides you a way to view and update your previous conversations with us!

In addition to the support widget, you can always get in touch with us by writing to 

Any conversations we have via email will also be viewable via the Support Widget when logged in to your account (provided you wrote to us using the email address that is associated with the Tourbuzz account you log in with).

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