How to Create an order

If you want to add a new order for a client you can follow these easy steps:


The first step is to click  Clients
Step 1 image


Once you've found your client, click on the 3 dots to the right. Click  Add an order
**If this is a new client, click the  + sign in the top right to add the Client account first**
Step 2 image


Click Start in the Standard or custom order depending what is your needs Step 3 image


Select the category of services you need to order
Step 4 image


Select the service Step 5 image


Select an option and the quantity if necessary.  Step 6 image


Type and select the property address. Step 7 image


then click Next Step 8 image


Select the appointment date Step 9 image


You can decide to which photographer you want to assign the appointment and select the time by dragging an dropping the red block. Then Scroll down and click  Assign
Step 10 image


You can add any additional information, or some else email address that you want to notify, you can also select between the different options.
Step 11 image


Then click next Step 12 image


In the last step, you can review all the order's details. When you are ready you can choose a payment method and click Confirm AND PAY
Step 13 image

Here's an interactive tutorial

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