Why is my description text not showing up right?

The description of a home is a very important part of telling that home's story. This is why we provide a description section that both you and your client's can utilize! However, sometimes, when information is simply copy and pasted into that section, the description information may not appear as desired. 


So what happened?

Basically, whenever information is copied and pasted, it can also carry over hidden formatting code in the background, causing things to appear in a non desirable way. 

How do I fix this? 

What you can do to fix that is select all the text in the description box (CTRL + A on a PC or Command + A on a Mac), then click the eraser icon to "remove format."


Once you do this, scroll to the bottom and Save your tour. 

Most times, this one step should correct the issue and have your description properly displayed on the tour. However, there are few cases where some formatting code just doesn't want to leave, where you may need to take one more step. The following is an example where that happened.  In this example, I completed the steps above, yet my description still looked like this:


This told me that there was still some hidden formatting code that needed to be removed. To do this, I clicked the source button to the far right of the box. Here, I was able to locate the additional text that was causing the issue (highlighted below). 


I deleted this information, saved the tour, and voila! The description now displays perfectly.



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