Tourbuzz Terminology

Below is a list of common terms used throughout Tourbuzz.

Provider - YOU, the creator of the virtual tour

Customer - Also known as a client. Typically the person you are creating the tour for (real estate agent). This becomes the branding in the header of the tour, with a logo, headshot, and contact information

Photographer - Your employees. Those taking photos for your company

Virtual Tour - Slideshow of your media files (images, videos, panoramas), including music options and photographer/agent branding

Client Panel - A platform your clients can access to edit/view/download all their tours

Hotspot - used in the Floor Plan editor to tag specific images to locations in a home

Video Slideshow - commonly known as the Ken Burn's Effect. Gives your photos a soft zoom/pan effect while your tour plays

CNAME - Tourbuzz gives you the ability to brand all of your tour links, and client panel with your company name, logo, and colors. To do this, you will need to setup a CNAME in your domain host

Co-Customer - A secondary client (agent) you can add to a tour

Syndication - Ability to send tour links to and MLSs

White Label - No Tourbuzz branding on your tour pages

Branding - Your website on every tour (

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