What if I need to make changes to the tour after I have published it?

One of the great things about Tourbuzz is that you can easily make changes to a tour after it has been published. 

To do so, just make the changes you need and hit save. Those changes will automatically show up on the live tour. No need to pay any additional fees or republish the tour.

If you make changes to your account setting or the customer profile, any changes you make will affect previous tours IF those tours are using "Customer Setting/Default" for an option. However, if a setting was specifically changed within the tour, it will not change the previous selections.

For example, if my customer's default design was changed from International to Simplicity,  BUT on tour 12345, I specifically selected the FIT design, that tour will still reflect the FIT design. BUT if the design selected on the tour shows "Use Customer Setting" then it will reflect whatever settings are listed in the customer account. 

If you have already posted the tour to Facebook, and it is showing the incorrect information click here to see our support article on how to update the information on Facebook. 

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