Why Do I See The "Tour Set Up" Options In So Many Places?

The Tour Set Up options appear in three places - in your account settings, the customer settings, and within the individual tour. It may seem repetitive, but hear us out...to save you time and to make your tour publications more efficient, we stacked these preferences into tiers.  In order from broad settings to specific settings, the options are:
  1. My Account Account Settings - these preferences apply globally to every tour created.
  2. Customer Level - If you have a customer who does not need/like your global preferences (ex. they would like to always use a specific design), you can customize their setup within their customer account. Their setup will override your global settings and will apply to any tour they are assigned to.
  3. Tour Level - Customers may want to make small changes to a tour based on their client's needs or the specifics (colors, mood, themes, effects, etc..) of the house. This can be achieved directly in the Tour Setup, and will override the provider/customer settings. 
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