Lattice is one of our single-page property web experience that allows you to market a property with a website look and feel. Lattice provides a modern, sleek, single property marketing website experience, with agent branding right at the top.

We understand the modern home buyer needs more than stimulating images to drive interest in the home. Other factors, such as schools and businesses within walking distance, are an example of how integration between data and beautiful imagery can deliver value. Lattice seamlessly blends these needs together in an easy to consume presentation that is responsive and mobile-friendly.


Lattice Key Features

  • Single page experience
  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly
  • Highlight reel on the home page to showcase 1 still image, 1 video or multiple images carousel 
  • Supports all media types: still images, videos, panoramas, Matterport 3D, and floor plans
  • Side by side Floor plans
  • Hero image at the top of the page with property details overlaid
  • Persistent shortcut navigation bar
  • Full screen image carousel
  • Multiple font support
  • Inline contact agent web form
  • Stylized masonry inline gallery grid. Each time the page loads, the grid is visually different (the order of assets remains the same)

Customization Options

Options Defined


This can be anything you’d like. For example, if you needed to create a new Lattice option to reflect the colors of Keller William, you can set the nickname to “Lattice [Keller Williams]” to make it easily stand out.


This design provides several color customization options to create designs unique to you and your clients. You can find out more on how to utilize these settings here.

Base Font

This setting defines what font will be reflected within the descriptions of each section.

Headline Font

This setting defines what font is used within the menu, hero images, and titles of each section.

Display Style of Agent Branding in Header

This setting lets you display an agent's information as a header. 

Show Agent logo, headshot, or both in agent header section

This setting lets you define whether the agent headshot and/or logo appear in the header of the page.

Set location of agent branding in header. 

This setting gives you the option to display the header on the left or right of the tour when in Standard.

Set darkness of background color over header image. 

This setting changes the darkness of background color in header.


Sets display of header to use an image, video, or highlight reel of media items

This setting sets the header to use an image, video, or slideshow

If 'highlight reel' is selected for header display option above, this sets the number of images to display in highlight reel

The Highlight Reel is designed to showcase the top 8, 12 or all images of the property with full image gallery available in the Gallery menu tab. By default, this is set to display the first 12 images/videos. To turn this setting “off”, simply change this to display 1 image, or select image in the "Sets display of header" option

If 'highlight reel' is selected for header display option, this sets visibility of agent branding in the header 

For your client's contact info that shows in the highlit reel, you have the option to show always, hide after 5 seconds, hide after 5 seconds on mobile.

If 'highlight reel' is selected for header display option above, this sets letterboxing of media in the highlight reel

You now have three new options for the highlight reel. You can choose to Do not Letterbox, Letterbox, or Letterbox Mobile only. This way you don't lose most of your image in mobile experience. 

If 'Video' is selected for header display type, this option sets visibility of headings, agent branding, price, and property stats in the header.

You have the option to keep the header visible over your video or have it removed after 5 seconds into the video. 

Add 'beds', 'baths', and 'sqft' next to property stats in the header by default. 

This setting adds the words beds, baths, and sqft to the number added in the tour. 

Standard or Prominent text for media links in header navigation bar.

This setting lets you set your text for media links to standard or prominent. 

Visibility of property stats in header

This setting lets you hide or show property stats in the header. 

Visibility of image name, description in slideshow.

This setting lets you define whether the image titles/description will appear within the image slideshow

Font size of image name, description in gallery slideshow.

This setting lets you define the size (small, medium, large) of the font size displayed within the slideshow portion of the tour page

Location of image name/description visibility in slideshow

This setting lets you define the location of where the image titles/description will appear within the image slideshow

Transition Used in Slideshow

Here you have several options with how you would like the transition between photos to appear in the slide


Show resizable floorplans next to media in slideshow. If 'Show' is selected, the slideshow will include photos, videos and panoramas

You can display your floor plan directly in the real highlight

 Initial width of floorplan when 'resizable floorplans in slideshow' option is set to 'Show'

You can determine in percentage the size of the floor plan that will be displayed in the real highlight

If resizable floorplans in slideshow option is set to 'Show', sets whether to also show Floorplans as a stand-alone media section.

Since you can show the floorplan in the highlight reel you can decide to deactivate the floorplan button 

Sets label text for the slideshow button in the overview section

If 'View All # Photos' is chosen, the # will display the total number of images in the slideshow (for example: 'View All 35 Photos')

Static or animated open house banner

This setting will allow you to choose whether the open house banner is static at the top of the design, or flashes every few seconds. The example below reflects an animated open house banner:


Set Order of Content Sections

This setting allows you to control how content appears 

Set Order of the 'Media' section in the 'Order of Content Sections' option above

This setting allows you to control the order of the media content

Visibility of 'Drag to Explore | Scroll to Zoom' Panorama Dialog Box

Show / Hide panorama dialog box.

Standard or prominent audio button

This setting lets you set your audio button to standard or prominent. 

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