Temporarily Unavailable - Connecting Your Customer's YouTube Account

Temporarily Unavailable

You or your customer are probably receiving this warning: "This app hasn't been verified by Google yet. Only proceed if you know and trust the developer. We are sorry for this service interruption. Google is currently making some verification on our app. We are currently in the process to be approved. While Google are not able to provide us status updates, you can send us a message requesting an email announcement when the approval is done and the service is back to normal.

You can read more on Google unverified apps policy: https://support.google.com/cloud/answer/7454865?hl=en

Because of this interruption your customers cannot automatically upload their videos to Youtube. The way to do it will be to download the MP4 file and to upload it on their Youtube channel. As compensation, you can provide an automatic posting on their social media like Facebook or Twitter. To know how, read more about it on this article https://help.urbanimmersive.com/article/168-how-to-setup-automatic-social-sharing-of-tours

Alright, before we dive in here, bear in mind that all YouTube Account Settings are attached at the Customer Level. That means if you go in as a Provider and try to set up all your client's YouTube accounts, you'll be attaching ALL of them to your own account, rather than them setting it up individually.

If your clients want the published YouTube videos to be attached to their own channels, they will need to login to their Client Panel. Setting up YouTube Publishing in the Client Panel is very easy.


Login to the client panel

You'll want to start by having them log in to their account either by using the login link on your website (tours.yourdomain.com/login) or by sending them to http://www.tourbuzz.net/login


Head to the YouTube setup link

Go to My Account in the upper right-hand corner and then click on YouTube setup.


Login to YouTube 

Next, click "log in to your desired youtube account." If they are already logged in to their YouTube account, their YouTube channel will open in a new window. Otherwise, the option to log into their account will open in a new window. Once logged in, return to the Tourbuzz page, and click "connect youtube account."

Once completed, their YouTube account is setup, and you will see two green check marks showing a successful connection. From then on, every time you "export a tour as a video" for that customer, it'll automatically be sent to YouTube.

Still need help? Watch the video below and feel free to send to your customers. 

* If you need access to your customer's client panel to assist them connecting their YouTube account, watch this video to learn how to “log in as” your custome

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