Add a Co-Customer / Realtor

Adding a co-customer to a tour is easy to do within the Tourbuzz system. Follow along below to learn how to add a co-customer to your tour. 


Co-Customers do not have the ability to submit payment on tours that are marked as Awaiting Payment. Only the main Customer on the tour can remit payment to gain access. Once payment is made, both Customer and Co-Customer will have access to the tour in their client panels.

  • Make sure the Co-Agent is already in your Customer list
  • Go to edit the Tour
  • On the Info tab right below the Customer field, add the Co-Customer
  • When you start typing, the name will appear
  • Click on the name
  • Save the record

*This feature is supported in all designs. 


For more information, watch our video on adding co-customers to a tour





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