Improving Email Deliverability (Preventing Tourbuzz Emails from being sent to Client's SPAM Folder)

Note - this article only applies if you are using an email address with a provider that allows you to create a CNAME record (for example, created with your hosting provider).
It does not apply when using a third-party email service such as Yahoo, Gmail, Apple (,,
We cannot guarantee email will send when using a third party email solution. For more information, please see this article:

Email delivery is a very complicated system due to all the evil spammers out there. If you want to take your email delivery one step further, there are a few simple things you can tweak in your domain's DNS that can reduce the likelihood of emails being flagged as spam.

This is an optional step and is not required. If you experience any issues with email deliverability via TourBuzz, however, you may want to take this additional step to improve your email deliverability.

We use an ESP (email service provider) named Sendgrid, and you'll need to set up 3 CNAMEs on your domain to publicly declare that your domain approves of Sendgrid sending emails on your behalf. 


Locate the 3 CNAMEs you'll need to set up 

To do this, log into Tourbuzz, and click on My Account > Account Settings. Next To Email, Click on "Configure to allow us to send an email on your behalf." 



Head to your domain host, and add the 3 CNAMEs listed on this page

Each host is different and will have different steps to set this up. You need to add these CNAMEs in the same way you've added them when you set up

The values on the left are the host, and the ones on the right are what the value is pointing to.

For the host fields, you'll want to use:

  • smtpapi
  • s1_domainkey
  • s2_domainkey

For the points to (value), you'll use the entire string:


whitelabel.png(Example Only - for your exact information see the info under your account!)


Validate your setup

Head back to the page with your listed CNAMEs and click on "click here to re-validate DNS settings." Ensure that we are able to validate your setup. If not, double check that you've copied and pasted the information exactly, and have set up a total of 3 CNAMEs. 

validate_domain.png(Example Only - for your exact information see the info under your account!)



How to create an SPF TXT record?

If you are asked to provide a SPF TXT record, here is some information that may help:

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