Customize Video Slideshow (Ken Burns Effect)

If you would like your photos to have a soft zoom/pan effect while your tour plays, this can easily be done and customized by using these steps. First, you will need to make sure that you have the Video Slideshow Mode turned on. This can be done at the Tour level, in the settings of your Customer, or your Main Account Settings. At this point, you can also select the default Program Mode, which will be applied to all your images.


The Ken Burns effect will automatically be applied to your images, but some further customization may be done if you wish. Under the Images Tab, you will want to edit the images individually if you would like to tweak how this behavior appears.


After clicking "Edit" on the photo, you will select the 'Video Slideshow Editor' tab on the next screen, and check the box next to "Customize Video Slideshow".

You have the ability to edit the duration of each image's transition, but this will default to 3 seconds if you leave the field blank. You can also move and resize the "Start" and "Finish" boxes over the image. The green "Start" box shows the view that will initially load when that image is brought up on the tour, and "Finish" shows where it will end. The more dramatic the variance between these two boxes, the faster and more abrupt the transition will appear, so try to keep them reasonably similar unless you are trying to create a dramatic effect, like zooming into the front door of a home.

The Simulation field over to the right should give you some idea of what your transition will look like before you Save and Exit the editor.


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