Add A Custom Link To A Tour (Neighborhood Web Sites, HOA Sites, Disclosure Docs, Floor Plan, etc.)

Frequently, you will find it to be of great value to add links to other information like neighborhood groups, HOA organizations, disclosure documents, floor plans, etc. This can be done easily using the Custom Link fields found in the Tour Setup section of every tour under the Info tab.


From here, you can link to any other resource on the web. If you have content in a document that is not hosted anywhere, you can easily upload that file to a service like Dropbox and insert the link here. Instructions on how to do this are as follows:

After creating a Dropbox account, you can easily upload files through their website, or through the file system integration they provide. Once the file is uploaded, you will want to click the "link" button on the right which will create a public link for the file, and give you options to share it with others.


Clicking this button will actually direct you to a hosted version of the file, and you will see a "Share" button at the top right. Clicking this will present you with a "Get Link" button in a popover, and clicking that will automatically copy the public link of the file to your clipboard. 


From there, you can copy the link back into the Custom Link field in your Tour and anyone will be able to download the file from there. If you are wanting to link to a custom brochure, instructions are very similar and can be found here.

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