Purchasing Credits and Billing Central

Need to purchase more credits, check your balance/purchase history, or update your credit card information? No problem! We've put all this information and made it available in one central location - Billing Central. 

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Accessing Billing Central

Go to My Account > Billing Central


Here you can:

     a. View your Current Credit Balance

     b. Purchase additional credits 

     c. View your receipts in Account History

     d. Update your billing preferences

     e. Add / Remove Credit Card


Purchase credits

To purchase / purchase credits, click on purchase credits and select the quantity you wish to purchase. The price is $ 1 per credit for quantities less than 150. The price is $ 0.80 for quantities of 150 or more. Enter your credit card information and select place order. If you wish to keep your credit card in a file, click on place order and save card.

Please note that any unused credits will expire if your account remains inactive for 2 years.


See your purchases

You can view your purchases and debits by going to My Account>Billing Central and view  account history. 

To see only your credit card charges, select the filter on the right to only show purchases. Any transaction where your credit card was charged will have a View Receipt hyperlink to the right of that transaction.


Update Billing Preferences

You can update your billing preferences to set a default credit card, set an email notification when your credit balance falls below a certain amount, and automatically reorder credits once your balance is below your designated threshold. Remember to click save after your changes are made.


Add or Delete a Credit Card

To add a new credit card, click add. You will then be brought to the Credit Card Information page where you can input the information and select save. If you would like this card to be your default card, select save and set as the default card.


To delete, click delete to the right of the card. You'll then be asked to confirm that you want to delete this card.


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