UIMeet Provider Configuration

Schedule Virtual Meetings through your 3D Immersive Tour. Receive notifications and don't lose any potential leads!

UIMeet feature is available for each of you client. Management and configuration can only be done through their client panel.

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To access UiMeet3D subscriptions, go to My Account, Billing Central. Here you can Subscribe to multiple packages and edit current subscriptions.

- If your photographer offers the PRIME subscription you will not see this section in your account. The subscription is done and controlled with your photographer account  
- You can cancel your subscription at the end 


Here you will see your current subscriptions purchased in your Billing Central.

When you are in the public room, you can still see the avatar of the visitors moving around. You can change your avatar picture to differentiate you from other avatars, whether you are an agent, a salesperson, or a business owner. Thus, visitors in the 3D environment will know that there is a specialist present in the tour. The best way to promote your brand is to create awareness. At Urbanimmersive, we give you the chance to display your logo and colors in our immersive 3D tour. Indeed, you can easily add your logo at the back of your avatar while interacting with potential clients.

Greeting Bot

The greeting bot is a feature that allows you to automate a greeting message for visitors in the immersive 3D tour. That way, even if you are not around, you will never miss a business opportunity. You can select the picture you want in the bot and change it as you please. You can name your bot, select a greeting message, and a dismiss message in these settings. The custom form allows you to add information within your greeting bot with a preview section to see how it will look.

Note: If you do not want to customize your greeting bot form, a form by default will appear automatically if nothing is entered. If you do not enter a French and English version of the message, the form, by default will be displayed in the tour.  

Custom Form

When clients request more information about the property, they will need to complete a contact information form. You can customize the form according to your needs. We suggest to you a few fields, but you can also add many more custom fields!


You will receive notifications when a potential client is moving inside the environment. It will automatically show their interest in the property and qualify the client more efficiently. There are several ways to receive an alert; by email, text, or webhook. No matter how you choose to receive a notification, take the time to select the reception time so you’ll never miss an opportunity. Important to know if you don't have a notification selected for a Meeting Request you will not be able to activate the feature. 

Note: You can select multiple times during the day by pressing the (+) button in the notification hours. 


In Events, you will be given information about your UiMeet3D within the tour itself. You will receive notifications such as the First Move and all the Leads that are coming from your Greeting bot form.

Note: When you click on 'details, you will have all the information related to this particular event.  


All the visitors that have completed the form are potential leads for you. In Leads you will see how many active tours are using UiMeet3D, minutes used for video Conferencing, how many leads and notifications you've received. Here you will also see your currently active subscriptions.


Meetings will show you a list of which tours had meetings, the duration of the meeting, and the date.

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