How to register on Business Solutions

Here is a guide to help you move through the registration process quickly

Step 1: Fill in all spaces required: Business email, select a password (your choice), Company name, First name, Last Name, Phone number and Check the box for Terms and Conditions and click Sign Up for Free.

Step 2: Must indicate Address, About you, upload an image 128 x 128 jpg and add number of years experience

Step 3: Upload a few images of your recent work and a link if you have any available.

Step 4: Credit card information must be entered

Step 5: Enter the Name of your application , click the Save icon on the right, Upload company logo, create a url for your application, hit save. Then click next step. Enter only what is indicted in green, then click next step.

Step 6: Review all information, and click Send Application.

When you are done, you will receive a welcome letter with your sign in page.
Please go through and look around, when your ready schedule a session with me to go over any questions you may have.


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