Update Ricoh Camera

How to update your Ricoh Theta Camera

You can update the firmware of your Theta Z by following these steps:

With a computer

  1. Start the THETA app on your desktop.
  2. Connect your camera to your computer.
  3. Select [File] → [Firmware Update] in the menu on the top of your screen. This is also where you can find the current version your camera is currently running.
  4. Select OK.
  5. Check the current version andavailable version, and select OK.

With an Iphone

  • Download the THETA app from App Store
  • Connect the Theta camera to your phone
  • Open the THETA app and click on “Settings” (Bottom/Right)
  • In the menu, select “Update Firmware”

  • Follow the 3 steps instruction
  • The version you should download is: 3.10.2
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