We understand the importance of choices and customization options, especially when it comes to providing marketing materials to your clients. In hearing and seeing what folks want, we provide a way to choose between multiple templates, as well as the ability to control the colours that appear on the Flyers!


The average amount of characters differs for each flyer.
Flyer A = 1000 characters,          
Flyer B = 1500 characters,
Flyer C = 1200 characters,
Flyer D = 2800 characters. 
The size of the description box on the flyer is determined by how much text can be input. For descriptions with a large word count, we suggest using Flyer Template B or D.

Flyer Template A  

Flyer Template B

Flyer Template C 

                      Flyer Template D  

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How to Manage Your Flyer Templates

The same way you can manage your tour designs, you can now manage unlimited Flyer Templates!


To manage your templates, you’ll go to Designs then click “manage flyer templates” on the right-hand side.

Here you’ll be able to see a full list of all the templates you have created with options to Edit, Duplicate, or Delete.

To add a new template, select the version you would like from the dropdown, then click Add.

Once you do that, give this new template a nickname, such as “Keller Williams Red”, update your colors, and click create!

Editing Flyer Templates

You have access to edit the templates in several ways:

  • Within Designs > Manage Flyer Templates
  • Within your Account Settings
  • Within the Customer Settings
  • Within each tour individually

Within your account/customer settings

In the account/customer settings, once you select a template that is NOT set as the default, the option to Edit Flyer Template will appear

Within each tour individually

In each tour, you’ll have the option to preview the flyer, with the Edit Flyer Template option appearing once you move away from the default.

Editing Templates A & B

In the editor, templates A & B have a couple color options you can control. (we've chosen some pretty bright colors here to help them stand out).

Primary Color: This option controls what color appears in the Agent Branding Section. 

Secondary Color: This option controls what color is used for the Agent Branding text. **This color option is only available with Flyer Template A and Flyer template B

Editing Templates C & D

In the editor, templates C & D have a color option for the font you can control. (we've chosen a bright color here to help it stand out). 

Primary Color: This option controls what color the font is on the flyer.

Assigning a Default Flyer Template

As with most settings, you can assign a flyer template at the Global Account Level, Customer Level, or directly within an individual tour.

Global Level

Navigate to My Account > Account Settings >Tour Setup

Below the Design option, you’ll see a new Flyer Template setting. Select the template, then scroll to the bottom and save.

Doing this will change your global setting to reflect this template.

Customer Level

Navigate to Customers > Edit > Tour Setup.

You’ll notice the customer Flyer Template by default will reflect your global option (Provider Default). However, you do have the ability to change this to any of your available flyers. This way, you can create a color specific template for your client and only have to select it once for them!

Tour Level

Within the tour editor Info Tab, scroll down to the Tour Setup section. The Flyer Template will automatic reflect either the Provider default or the Customer Default.

Editing Flyer Content

By default, the first 7 images from your tour are used on the flyer as well as the Description Text from the tour (if provided).

The images that are used will have a green check mark and will be greyed out. 

To change the selected images, all you have to do is drag-and-drop an image from the image bucket on the right directly onto the Flyer. You can drag-and-drop the images to change the order they appear in as well.

If you have entered in a description for the tour within the Info tab, we will automatically pull that text and use it on the flyer as well. However, if you would like something other than what has been provided in the Description box, type it in the Flyer Text section. 

*Please keep in mind, the more text you have, the smaller the font will be. In other words, the only way to enlarge the font is by having less text on the flyer.


Once you have made your changes, click Save Flyer, then click view last saved flyer to see your creation!

Previewing Your Flyer

In addition to providing new Flyer templates and customization options, we have also changed the method used to preview/view/download the flyers. Previously, we used to simply create a rendered version of the flyer within a browser. However, this caused several issues as each browser portrayed things a bit differently. So, in order to provide a more reliable output experience, we automatically build the .PDF flyer for you, your client, or viewer to print or download.

**Please keep in mind, the very first time the flyer is built for any user, it can take around 10 seconds to successfully build. Once it’s built, you can preview as many times as necessary and it will build within seconds.

When you’ve selected an option to view the flyer, this is what will appear:


Once built, the .PDF will automatically open up in the browser. From there, the viewers will have the option to download or print the flyer. Here is what those options look like in different browsers.





Internet Explorer/Edge



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