Uploading images

Uploading your images into your Tour

By this time, you've created a tour, created your customer, and you're ready to start adding images. This article will cover: 

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The guidelines below will ensure maximum image quality while making uploading and processing as fast as possible:

  • Images (stills and panos):
    • Supported File Extensions: .jpg, .jpeg
    • Use JPEG format with the maximum quality setting.
    • File Size: up to 1500MB
    • Image Size: up to 60MP (megapixels) for stills and 65MP for panoramas
    • Target your images to our preferred image sizes to minimize processing time and artifacts from our processing:
      • Still Images: 1920x1280 or greater (up to 4200x4200)
        Print-Quality Images: Upload 2.4 Mega Pixel or better, and we retain the print quality size for 3 years from the date of publishing.

        A Note About Print Quality Download Requirements

        You must upload images at a minimum of 1920x1280 for Print Quality Downloads to be provided to your clients in the Client Panel.

      • Cylindrical Panoramas: 7200x1200
        Partial Panorama Detection: if the filename contains  fov123x45, we will create a partial pano based on the horizontal FOV (123) and ignore the vertical FOV (45). We will also strip out the fov123x45 from the filename.
      • Equirectangular/Spherical Panoramas: 4000x2000, exactly 2:1 aspect ratio
        Partial Panorama Detection: We auto-detect solid black Nadir or Zenith regions, and the camera limits will be set automatically.
  • Video:
    • Supported File Extensions: .mov, .mp4
    • Video Codec: H.264 @ 3Mb/s or more bitrate
    • Audio Codec: AAC
    • Size: 1920x1080, 1280x720 or 640x480
    • File Size: up to 1500MB

*For more information on image sizes, click here.

Uploading Images


Access your tour editor

Click on my tours in the main menu and click Edit next to your tour. 

This will take you to the tour editor, where you can upload images, customize, preview, and publish your tour. 


Head to the images/video tab & Upload your images

Click on the images/video tab, then click  add images/video. You can add images to your tour at any time, even after the tour has been published Here you can add any images/videos/panoramas/floor plans. You can do this by either dragging and dropping your media into the box or clicking on Upload a file and selecting your media. 


Your images are now uploading

Once you select the images, they will automatically start uploading

*Uploading time is based on your internet speed. If your images appear to be stuck uploading, try opening up another browser window and re-uploading your images. 


 Preview Your Tour

Once your images are done processing, you are now ready to preview your tour. You can do so by clicking on either the Preview Tour link located within the Helpful links section of your tour editor OR by clicking on the Tour Links tab and viewing the provided links. 

You have now finished uploading your images and have previewed your first tour. Follow along to step 3 to learn how to make customizations and publish your tour.

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