Manage your Promo code

To help you satisfy your customers, you have a coupon code option. It allows you to have several kinds of coupon codes, for one-time use, for new customers, for inactive customers and much more. Go to the promo code tab and click on the + sign to create your first promo code.

Enter your Code and applications:

  • Code: the code your customers need to type to apply the discount
  • Explication: Add your explanations, terms and conditions related to your code 

  • Discount Amount: always in dollarsThe invoice amount will never be less than $2.
  • Minimum purchase Amount: minimum purchase amount before taxes 
  • Unique Use: The promo code can only be used once. If activated the code can only be used once and the other fields relating to the number of uses will be ignored.
  • Starting Date: Promo code activation date. Without a start date the code could be used now.
  • Ending Date: end date of promo code inclusive.  Without an end date the code will not expire.
  • Number of uses per client: number of uses by customer 
  • Maximum number of uses: total number of uses. Number of times the code can be used regardless of which client
  • Minimum number of months Since last order: Allows you to define an offer for new clients and those who have not ordered for a while

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