How to generate a 3D Tour from the business Solution

Always, generate your tour via the Business Solution. 

if there is already a link to generate please send your 3D from Uicapture using the ID already created present in the order resume: 

1. Directly from the order resume page, Click Generate

2. When the tour is generated you will have to click on edit the tour (the pencil) 

3. Click on the Immersive 3D tour tab, and click Start your immersive 3D Tour

 4. Click  browse files to upload your images. Click upload to upload the files you've selected Please note that you will be prompted to select the number of property floors.

5. On this page, you can review all your images, download more. You have to separate the images between different floors. You will be able to add additional floors if needed. 

Once you are satisfied, click on Process

6. Next, you will review your order and select whether you'd like an enhanced floor plan or an basic, and add any notes for our Post Production Team. When ready, click Pay & Proceed to send your 3D tour over for development.

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