how to treat print order with a pdf

Select from the available services the printing service

Click on "click here" to download your template in PDF format

Upload your template in PDF format

Add any necessary information, comments and specific requests in the note section. Select the desired product and quantity
The UV Coating option is offered check the box to have it 

To finish click on confirm order. An agent from our print sales department will contact the customer to get more information. Then open the order and click on the option menu to access the invoice

you will see the empty quote. Click on the menu to access the edition

once in the edition of the estimate add the necessary products. In the following example the customer has requested a DM card in 50 copies plus delivery. You can add as many product lines and descriptions as needed to complete the quote. 

Once the quote is completed, activate it so that it can be sent to the client 

Please note, when you will send the quote to the customer a deposit will be required from the customer. However some special customers such as Northrop will be exempt from this request. Use your judgment or ask your manager.  

Once the quote is accepted by the customer, you only need to convert the quote into an invoice. View the quote and click on convert to invoice

and send the job to print from the initial order 

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